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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Dirty air ducts in a commercial building’s HVAC system can be hazardous for the people occupying the building. Over time, toxic air particulates, dust, and allergens gather inside of air ducts. People spend a lot of time in buildings and should be breathing clean air. In fact, most people spend approximately 90% of their time inside, so proper upkeep for your commercial building’s air ducts is essential.

Mitigate Potential Health Threats

Harmful air pollutants might be building up in the air ducts and circulating throughout your commercial building’s HVAC system. These bacteria and particles could cause lung irritation, asthma flare-ups, allergies, and even colds or the flu. Inside office buildings, it is important to keep employees healthy and safe to help minimize the number of sick days workers have to take. By scheduling regular cleanings for your air ducts, you can prevent these dangerous airborne particulates from aggregating inside of your HVAC system and flowing throughout the building.

Commercial Air Ducts

Reduce Energy Usage and Costs

When debris gathers in air ducts, it can lodge in small spots, creating clogs and damaging the entire HVAC system. The system will have to use more energy to perform the same job and you might even have to buy replacement parts if you leave this dirt untreated for too long. With routine air duct cleanings, you can save money on the commercial building’s energy bill and keep the equipment in much better shape for longer.

Eliminate Bad Smells

When mold, mildew, dust, and dirt are accumulating in your building’s air ducts, this can create unpleasant odors. These smells can make the tenants uncomfortable and distracted as well as detract from the overall appeal of the building. This can also cause the air to feel humid or stale over time, making breathing more difficult. Regular cleaning of air ducts can mitigate musty smells and keep fresh air flowing better.

Keeping your commercial building’s air ducts clean is crucial in maintaining a safe, healthy space for all the occupants. It is fundamental to schedule routine inspections and cleanings for your building’s HVAC systems to improve the indoor air quality, lower energy bills, increase the lifetime of the entire system, and remove stale air or unusual odors.

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They are very professional, diligent and reliable.  It has become easier to schedule and reschedule services with them, and the quality of the cleaning is excellent, particularly with the kitchen, floors, and baseboards.  Thank you guys!


Jeff and his crew were punctual and did an excellent job. Would highly recommend him.


The employees arrived on schedule. They used protective covering as they entered our home to protect all flooring. All were friendly and I was comfortable having them in our home. Highly recommended.


Very friendly and VERY UNDERSTANDING. I had to reschedule twice and they were very accommodating. One of my ducts slipped out of place and they were back here in nothing flat and fixed it. I would highly recommend their services.


These gentlemen were prompt, courteous, and all about the quality of their work!


The crew were very professional and nice. They worked in a very socially responsible manner.


Jeff and his team were punctual, friendly, and thorough. We will hire them again and also refer them to friends and family.


Did an excellent job. Very thorough and professional and answered all our questions. Highly recommend!

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